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Parts and Accessories for PVC Column Wraps
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Elite Trimworks offers a wide variety of standard or custom made exterior PVC column wraps. Contact us if you don't see the parts or any other item that you are looking for on the page.

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SKU Product name   Price    
PVC-H PVC Hardware Kit
  • US$4.23
PVC-BC-4 Astragal Trim or Base Cap 4ft
  • US$8.03
  • US$15.80
POST-T-U Universal Post Cover Trim
  • US$15.80
DIV-PVC-8 Extra Divider for RECESSED Paneled PVC Column
  • US$22.50
PC-C/B Porch Column Cap / Base
  • US$29.87
PVC-EXT-8C Smooth, PVC Column Extension
  •   Free shipping *  
  • US$32.14
HH-66-16oz HH-66 PVC Adhesive
  • US$37.79
PVC-RC-EXT-GC-8 Top Extension for Recessed PVC Column
  • US$40.71
PREM-BOX-S-6-PVC Premier Box Capital and Base
  • US$58.00
PK-PVC-U-36 Universal Panel Kit - PVC
  • US$100.69
BM30328 Flat Faux Beam
  • US$196.19
HBG-NT-TUS-S12 HB&G 12" Square Non-Tapered Tuscan Capital & Base Set
  • US$196.32