Polyurethane & PVC Louvers
All Functional Louvers come with a screen

Choose from either Polyurethane Louvers that are made from a mold or our made-to-order PVC louvers.  Both types come white and readily accept any exterior paint.


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SKU Product name   Price    
LVR-PVC-VR-14-20 Vertical Rectangular Louver - Craftsman Style
  • US$77.95
LVR-PVC-VR-BM-14-20 Vertical Rectangular Louver - with Brickmould
  • US$77.95
LVR-PVC-VR-SL-14-20 Vertical Rectangular Louver - with Sill
  • US$78.26
G936 36” Vented Functional Louver
  • US$79.58
G7-16 Full Round Functional Louver 16" - 39"
  • US$84.43
G1422 22” Round Top Louver
  • US$85.54
LVR-PVC-HR-20-14 Horizontal Rectangular Louver - Craftsman Style
  • US$86.09
LVR-PVC-HR-BM-20-14 Horizontal Rectangular Louver - with Brickmould
  • US$86.09
LVR-PVC-CFR-18 Full Round Craftsman PVC Louver
  • US$87.49
LVR-PVC-OCT-20 Decorative Octagon Louver
  • US$93.62
POLY-G8-19 Functional Octagonal Louver
  • US$99.15
G780 22” Full Round Rough Sawn Louver
  • US$102.40
G528 29” Functional Rectangular Louver
  • US$104.87
RT1036 36” Functional Half Round Rectangular Louver
  • US$105.12
LVR-PVC-C-14-20 Cathedral Louver - Decorative, Brickmould Style
  • US$109.77