Front Porch Columns :: Composite Posts

PermaPost® is made from a super low maintenance polyethylene and is finished white so it can be painted or left unpainted. For a warm and inviting decorative look for your front porch, choose from either the 5" or 6" Colonial post, the 5" square post, or the new 6" Chamfered post. The Perma Lamp Post is an attractive way to light a drive or garden area. The pipe in the center is designed to allow a wire to be easily installed. The 2-7/8" pipe fits most outdoor lamp fixtures. The PermaPost® is composed of a polyethylene shell which surrounds a galvanized steel pipe (20 gauge for the 5" post, 13 gauge for the 6" post) and polyurethane foam filler. The 6" PermaPost® is tested to carry a load of up to 5,000 lbs., and the 5" post is rated at 1,300 lbs. (ASTM A500 (40 K.S.I.)





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Warranty HB&G warrants that for twenty-five (25) years the PermaPost porch or lamp post is free from defects in material and workmanship. See warranty forms for all details

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