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Ornamental Capital and Bases
Decorative or Structural - Choose the Right Fit for You


Decorative Capitals are the product of choice by homeowners, builders, and contractors, who demand architectural accuracy, elegance, and excellent value. Choosing the right cap and base for your columns is as crucial as selecting the column shaft. The right cap and bases define your front entrance and create an atmosphere that complements your lifestyle.

Other than choosing which architecture style best suits your project, there are many things to consider when purchasing and base and capital set. The first and foremost consideration is safety or load-bearing capacity. You must ensure that both the column shaft and capital set are made by the same manufacturer and properly tested for flame spread and fire rated. The next consideration would be: matching the right base and capital to the shaft. As we offer a large selection of columns, we also provide an extensive offering of matching ornamental capitals and bases.

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Other things to consider are: which bases best match with the capital, will they fit, whether it will shorten or lengthen the shaft, availability, and lead time. We have experts on staff to answer those types of questions. Elite Trimworks includes a Deluxe Tuscan base and capital set and installation hardware with any PermaCast column that we ship as a standard offering. Others typically include an economy colonial cap and base set. HB&G others an extensive line of Ornamental Capitals sets for the PermaCast round and square columns ranging from 6" to 30 in diameter (see PDFs for details).