Wide Plank Wainscoting

For years many of our customers have used our Wide Ship Lapped V-grooved planks for ceiling and walls. In keeping with the latest decorating trends, designers and contractors alike are using wide planks for wainscoting for walls more than ever. To make ordering easier, we have packaged everything you need in a pre-packaged kit. We call it the Elite Wide Plank Wainscoting Kit.


This kit uses our primed, MDF Shiplap Planks that have an extra Wide V-Groove. The stiles that run vertical are made by cutting down planks. The new Baseboard (bottom rail) is notched out so that the Wide Plank stiles can fit right into it and give you a professionally finished look. It is also much taller now than the original baseboard which makes it more elegant and makes it stand out in any room. The Top Rail is also taller and is also notched out at the bottom in order for the Wide Plank stiles to fit in. This little notch allows the finished job to look cleaner and makes the job much easier because there is less finishing work required.

We recommend an overall height of about 40" but if you would like to lineup with your counter top, the stiles can easily be cut down on site. Other standard sizes are 55" and full wall height or either 8 or 9 feet.

The whole idea of packaging ship lapped wainscoting in this format is that it allows you to customize it fully without compromising on quality. Elite Trimworks has taken all the hours of thought and planning normally associated with undertaking a job like this and put it into one box. There is very little work required to make this look just like it does on TV. We have professionals standing by to help you with any problems or questions you may have about the product or installation. Get factory direct pricing and UPS delivery right to your door! Check out our Special Discounted Shipping.

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