How To Wrap Wainscoting Around Radiators

How to Wrap Wainscoting Around Vents

Depending on your wall, you may run into the tricky situation of having a radiator or heater built-in or against it. The question then becomes, how do you make sure your wainscoting is applied and still looks good? Luckily, the solution is simple: go around it. 

The best way to wrap your wainscoting around radiators and heating vents is to use your baseboard or lower rail to border around it. This will work with our Wall, Flat, Beaded, or Raised Panel Wainscoting Systems. 

If you have a lot of baseboards to work with, we suggest that you order a few extra lower rails. That way you have enough product to cover the entire area. Should you require any assistance in ordering or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us anytime!

You can also make the choice to enclose your baseboard heaters or radiators with a suitably matching cover like this:

For different options and styles of covers, check out Go-Overboard