Water Protecting your Wainscoting

How to Protect Wainscoting from Water

Elite Trimworks Beadboard kits are ideal for use in a Bathroom, Kitchen or even in high traffic areas where moisture, dirt and or mould would normally destroy most other decorative wall treatments. By sealing our Primed Wainscoting Kits first with a high-quality Latex Caulking and then painting over it with a variety of different Acrylic Oil Based Primers and paints out on the market today you will have a tough yet decorative finish that will endure the test of time.

For bathrooms, some people consider plastic or vinyl beadboard products. The truth is that the plastic and vinyl do not accept paint or faux finishes very well and really do not look authentic once installed. The construction of such products makes it very difficult to customize and achieve a good finish.

Installations under a bathtub or a hot tub may require a higher grade of water protection primers and paints than would the other walls that likely not be in direct contact with water to the degree that the wall under the tub would be. In fact, under normal circumstances, the walls of a bathroom would only require a good coat of any oil-based primer and paint to protect them from the occasional splash of water.

Please note that keeping this in mind, Under NO circumstances does this mean that MDF Wainscoting should be installed or applied inside a Bathtub Wall or be submerged in Water!

Here are a few steps and suggestions that can be taken when installing and selecting Primers and Paints:

  1. Lightly sand to remove any gloss and to create a surface profile that will help the products adhere better to the substrate.
  1. Remove all Traces of Dust
  1. Seal the MDF product with a coat of Alkyd Interior Primer Sealer, or Fresh Start 100% Acrylic Interior/Exterior All Purpose Primer.
    **All our MDF Products come already fully Primed **
  1. Finally, you can apply one or two coats of your favourite acrylic oil-based finish paint

For more specifics, contact Benjamin Moore Paint Specialist in your local area; www.benjaminmoore.com