Beadboard - Wainscoting Bathrooms

Beadboard Wainscoting in Bathrooms

Beadboard paneling is a very popular decorative technique that is used in many bathroom designs. Beadboard shiplap in bathroom redecorating involves installing a series of panels that are called planks. These planks are usually placed on the wall in a vertical position and provide a uniform look. Although, in some cases, it can be installed horizontally.

While the main purpose of beadboard shiplap is to protect the walls from damage, most people choose it for its distinctive appearance. It can turn a boring bathroom into a charming one. Depending on the material, beadboard can be left unfinished, or slightly finished to create a rustic atmosphere. Or, it can be painted for a coolly sophisticated style.

There are two styles of beadboard panelling commonly used in bathrooms. The traditional style is known as Planks with either tongue & grooveoe shiplaped edges. The planks are carefully fitted manually. The other option is a sheet of solid paneling that can quickly be installed.

Beadboard bathroom ideas

Many homeowners love the simplicity of beaded wall panels and desire to install them in their own bathroom. Before any work can be done a decision must be made on exactly what type of style is desired. Considering that this is a very popular decorative accent found in many homes, there are a plethora of bathroom beadboard ideas to mull over.

The first thing to think about is what type of bathroom decor is going to work well with your existing fixtures. This type of decorative panelling works very well with traditional-style bathrooms. This does not mean creating a cute look at all. The vertical wood and MDF planks provide a clean and natural style that can blend well with wooden cabinets of similar design.

Many people admire that Nantucket style that is warm and inviting, yet, classically contemporary. The beadboard can serve as a backdrop for a standalone bathtub or the length of the sink vanity. It can be placed around the entire room or in certain spots that could use extra protection. There are examples of beadboard that is run along the entire bathroom tub exterior, which is very attractive.

Also, you have lots of flexibility when it comes to material choices. You can find beadboard in MDF, pinewood, cedar, vinyl or PVC. If water damage to wood and MDF is a concern, the PVC, cedar or vinyl material is best.

If you are in need of more ideas, visit some historic buildings that feature beaded panels on walls.

Beadboard bathroom pictures

When trying to decide on how to utilize shiplap beadboard inside of your bathroom it certainly helps to have examples to look at. You might already have a few ideas in your head about how you would like to install this panelling, but seeing actual beadboard in bathroom photos is really going to jump-start your remodelling project.

Fortunately, all it takes to find lots of beadboard design pictures is to go online and do a search under our gallery. You will instantly see a wide variety of beautiful bathrooms that show off how extraordinary beaded panels look after they've been installed. Most likely, you'll get a few ideas that you didn't even think about. Browsing through all of these pictures is fun and will cause you to become even more excited about remodelling your bathroom in this style.

Most of these photos display colourful bathrooms that come in all sorts of sizes and configurations. These photos represent the individual taste and preferences of each homeowner. What is clear is that even the smallest of bathrooms can be completely transformed when given a makeover that includes beadboard planks or panels.

Beadboard bathroom vanity

 Walls are not the only way to get enjoyment from beadboard. Many homeowners choose to have a distinctive white beadboard bathroom vanity. The bathroom vanity is a key focal point for the entire room. The choice of vanity can really go a long way in creating a specific decorative feel for the entire space. A beadboard vanity in the color of white is going to add a clean and simple feel to your bathroom. They tend to come across as traditional with a touch of old-fashioned charm. Therefore, this is a choice best suited for bathrooms that have a country or down-to-earth design aesthetic.

For a more modern approach, you may decide to install the beadboard and paint it a dark colour, even black. This allows the homeowner to still have the wonderful accent of beadboard, without the country feel associated with the beadboard style. Any colour choice can completely change the outcome of your beadboard application while complimenting your current decor and style choices.

White beaded vanities come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate both a large or small bathroom. While size varies, the cabinetry features some basic similarities. The large cabinet doors are where the beaded planking can really be noticed. Smaller doors may be added in a middle section, on top or on the bottom. Smaller doors may or may not have beaded planks. Many modern vanities of this type feature elegant stone countertops in light or dark colors. Often you can find this style in home improvement stores. However, if you cannot find one you like, you can always have one custom built.

White beadboard bathroom

When looking over options for bathroom beadboard panelling one thing you'll notice is that white is a popular color for this style. There is a certain crisp, clean look that white delivers to a room that is hard to duplicate with other colors. When you choose this color you will be getting panels that are drenched in gleaming white that instantly brightens up the room. While an off-white or cream shade can also be a nice option, most of the photos of white beadboard is of the brighter variety.

An advantage to choosing white is that it can create a stark contrast to the shade of paint color you select for the bathroom. The walls can be painted a nice shade of blue, green, yellow, tan, gray, orange, pink or even purple. After the beadboard is installed the effect can be quite stunning. The white-coloured beadboard simply pops out and makes an elegant decorative statement.

You can find beadboard sheets that come fully primed, unfinished, or a glossy finished white for the Vinyl and PVC material that can be quickly installed, though we always recommend finish painting for best results. Within just a few days your bathroom can be transformed into a room that everyone will love spending time in.

Beadboard bathroom walls

Transitioning a bathroom from its old look to a brand new updated style can really be a pleasurable experience. Homeowners have lots of choices when selecting beadboard for bathroom walls. This type of choice is good because most people want to make sure the remodel is done right so that it will last many years. The fact is that this type of bathroom makeover can truly add a lot of value to the home. Should the home be up for sale in the future, a great-looking bathroom is definitely a major selling point with homebuyers.

Therefore, you want to carefully consider the choice of beadboard materials that you feel will work best in your home. The age of the home and its location may play a small role in your decision about materials. Many homeowners choose to go with wood and MDF because they really like that distinctive wood panel design. These materials tend to lend a bit more natural warmth to the room. The look is reminiscent of a quaint cottage. Pine and MDF are popular types of wood often used to create beadboard for homes.

PVC and vinyl beadboard gives homeowners the look of wood but is made to be much sturdier. This durability is why some people decide to install this variety in their bathrooms. It is often used outside of the home as well as in the interior. PVC and Vinyl is water-resistant and also does not scratch or become damaged like wood does. The fact that it's not a natural material can be overlooked when considering its longevity.

Bathroom beadboard height

In order to make sure that the beadboard you select is going to be installed properly room measurements must be precise. Beadboard is normally installed around the lower portion of the wall. Most likely, bathroom fixtures and accessories will be placed in front of and around the panels. Whether the panels are being built manually or are being purchased as a sheet from a store, height really is of the utmost importance.

A skilled carpenter is going to take accurate measurements once they understand the scope of your intended design. The width and height of each panel must match perfectly in order to fit together in unison. For instance, if you desire to have a Nantucket beadboard bathroom design, the panel height can be anywhere from 32 to 44 inches. A non-traditional height would be 60 inches

Beadboard bathroom ceiling

Imagine walking into the bathroom and seeing a cool ceiling made entirely of beadboard. While not as common there are many bathrooms with beadboard ideas that do include the ceiling area. Instead of a plain painted ceiling, the beaded panelling design is carried up overhead. This can help to create a larger sense of design continuity within the bathroom.

Depending on the size and dimensions of your ceiling, the work involved to install beadboard is going to be more labour intensive. A beadboard bathroom ceiling is often laid out in a long horizontal pattern. Each individual plank can be narrow or wide depending on your design preference.

Color choices usually stick to either white or natural wood. These colors tend to blend best with whatever wall color is prominent within the room. It also is not necessary to have beaded walls when installing this style of ceiling. A beadboard ceiling can add a sense of traditional charm all by itself.