Vinyl Mouldings

Interior PVC Vinyl Mouldings

Pre-finished but able to accept paint.  Perfect for around showers or any interior area with high humidity.

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SKU Product name   Price    
PVC-OC-8-W Vinyl PVC Outside Corner
  • US$5.82
PVC-IC-8-W Vinyl PVC Inside Cove
  • US$5.82
PVC-Q-8-W Vinyl PVC Quarter Round
  • US$6.16
PVC-F-W PVC Fill Stick
  • US$6.72
M-SHOE-PVC Modern, PVC Shoe Trim
  • US$11.07
CL-SHOE-PVC Colonial, PVC Shoe Trim
  • US$11.07
TC-SHOE-PVC Tall Colonial PVC Shoe Trim
  • US$17.66
PVC-C-8-W Vinyl PVC Casing
  • US$19.03
CS-705-PVC Colonial Casing - PVC
  • US$20.09
F-W-BASE-5-8 Flexible, Waterproof PVC Baseboard
  • US$45.32