Tips on Cutting Beaded Panels

Want to print a copy? Find the PDF here

One of the most desirable features of any of the Elite Paneled Wainscoting systems is that the panels can be customized to any width on site. The panels are generously oversized for maximum flexibility in panel width.

Once you choose the width of your panels, you have two things to remember:

  1. Make sure that the beads appear symmetrical or centered before you install them. As in the illustration of a beaded panel below, the space between the last bead and the stile (A) should be equal at both ends of the panel.
  2. Before cutting, add an extra ½” to the exposed portion of the panel to be hidden behind the stile.

There is no set panel width, in some cases, you will have to decide between using 4 panels 12” wide or 2 panels 24” wide. I find that 18” to 20” tends to be a pleasing proportion. Another consideration is that all the panels on all the walls should be similar, but not necessarily equal in width.

If you have a short wall beside a doorway, say less than 8” you don’t need a panel at all, just fill the space with any ½” thick MDF board or stile.

Want to print a copy? Find the PDF here