Rafter Tails

Easy to securely install with no visible fasteners or hardware
Available in Smooth or Textured PVC or in Smooth or Rough-Sawn Polyurethane.

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NAPA-RT-6-2 Napa Pergola Rafter Tail
  • US$38.57
CRM-RT-6-2 Craftsman Pergola Rafter Tail
  • US$38.57
AS-RT-6-2 Axis Step Pergola Rafter Tail
  • US$38.57
SPAR-RT-6-2 Spartan Pergola Rafter Tail
  • US$49.23
SC-RT Scroll Rafter Tails (set of 4)
  • US$120.00
BMRTSL4X6X12RS-4PK Rafter Tail Slant Profile (4 Pack)
  • US$120.59
BMRTST4X6X12RS-4PK Rafter Tail Straight Profile (4 Pack)
  • US$120.59
BMRTBL4X6X12RS-4PK Rafter Tail Bull Nose Profile (4 Pack)
  • US$120.59
BMRTCV4X6X12RS-4PK Rafter Tail Cove Profile (4 Pack)
  • US$120.59