Profile Options and Tips Installing PVC Purlins

Beyond their decorative function, Purlins serve a crucial role in enhancing the structural integrity of both pergolas and arbours. PVC Purlins, akin to their traditional wooden counterparts, bolster the strength of the underlying rafter and prevent freestanding rafters from undesired twisting or leaning. It's imperative to emphasize that Purlins are indispensable for ensuring the structural soundness of pergolas. In contemporary pergola designs with broader, shallower rafters—such as those measuring 4" in width and 8" in height—Purlins may not be obligatory from a structural standpoint. Still, they are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal.



Popular Purlin Profiles
The first three can easily be cut on a chop saw, and the fourth would require a router.


View the video for tips on how to hide fasteners with PVC plugs.