Installing HB&G Porch Posts

Colonial and Chamfered PermaPost® Installation Instructions
As per HB&G 2021 Want to print a copy? Find the PDF here

1. Measure the opening where the post will be installed.

2. Remove fastening plates from the bottom of the post. Trim top of post leaving the pipe flush with the outer shell.

3. If using a handrail, check local building codes for minimum rail height. Decide how much is to be trimmed from each end of PermaPost. Top and bottom mounting plates are 1⁄8” thick. Mark post 1⁄4” shorter than total opening.

4. Using a hacksaw, trim the post at the top and bottom.

5. Fasten one plate, edges down, to the beam above.

6. Using a plumb tool, find and mark bottom position on floor.

7. Fasten the other plate, edges up, to the floor.

8. Position top of post directly under the top fastening plate.

9. Position bottom of post over bottom fastening plate.

10. Check post for level and remove temporary support.

11. OPTIONAL FASTENING METHOD SOLD SEPARATELY. Follow directions above except slide skirt over post prior to positioning. Attach corner irons to post and floor with supplied screws.

12. Slide skirt into position and caulk seam.


• Check your local building codes for minimum rail heights for handrails.

• Ensure that the bottom square portion of PermaPost® will accommodate rail height. Hand Rail must be attached to "square" portion of PermaPost®.

• Pre-drill holes through both the PermaPost® and structural steel pipe prior to attaching handrail. When attaching handrail to PermaPost®, screws must penetrate interior structural steel pipe.


• PermaPost® is made from a low-maintenance white polyethylene that is designed to be left unpainted.

• If painting is desired, follow paint manufacturer's recommendations for painting polyethylene surfaces.

• Do not paint using dark colors. Dark colors are considered any color that falls within the L value of 56 to 0. "L" is a measure of lightness of an object, & ranges from O (black) to 100 (white).

Want to print these instructions? Find the PDF here