Installing Dividers on Columns

Want to print these instructions? Download a PDF version here.

We offer a full range of Wood, Fibreglass and PVC Recessed Panelled Columns, all of which include Recessed Dividers. Two sets (of 4 pieces) are always included for the top and bottom of the column. Dividers may come loose, or they may be taped on your column shaft. Additional Middle dividers may be purchased, depending on the overall look you want to achieve.

Our recommendation of the positioning of the dividers, at the top and bottom of the column, would be to keep the exposed spacing consistent. This would mean, regardless of the capital chosen, there should be about 3” of the divider exposed at the top and bottom of the column, which would match the recessed vertical stiles/corners of the column.

The dividers can slide up and down the column shaft, which allows for adjustments and more freedom of positioning. It is often best to install the top and bottom dividers after you have marked (with a pencil), where the capital and base will be positioned. You can then accurately position the dividers in place to ensure the 3” exposure is maintained. The dividers can then be glued in place (tape can hold the dividers in place while the adhesive cures/dries). Lastly, if desired, install the middle (or additional) dividers to create the desired layout for panelling.

Please note we include MDF glue for Wood columns and PVC glue for PVC columns. Dividers for fibreglass columns are made from PVC, however, the PVC glue will not work when adhering PVC to Fiberglass. PL Premium or any Construction adhesive is recommended but is not included, with the Fibreglass columns. 

In the case where an astragal is provided/purchased, we will always include an additional set of dividers. The dividers for the astragal should be installed with positioning taken into consideration first. Then apply the astragal to the centre of the divider (as shown in the photo below).

Want to print these instructions? Download a PDF version here.