Hidden Fastener for PVC Pergola Rafters

Our PVC Rafters include three different Hidden Hardware Options, here is a detailed look on how to install them.  

For Top Mounting, we include the spikes in the correct length with a colour matched PVC plug to hide the screw opening.  The fastening method varies depending on whether or not the Rafters are made with the Aluminum reinforcement.  Here is a look at both methods.

When you require rafters that to a Wooden Post, that typically involves fastening from the sides.  Rafters that are mounted from the sides are Support Rafters they support the weight of additional rafters on top of them.  Weather the Rafters are reinforced or not, the mounting method, the screws and the plugs remain the same.

Note: All Pergola Rafters that are ordered Configured with one or both sides "Open for Connecting" include the Secondary Aluminum Bar and the related hardware as shown.