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BeadBoard Kits, Sheets and Planks
PVC Column Wraps
Exterior Columns
Interior Columns
Cornices and Trimwork
Wainscoting (14/195)
It is a unique way that delivers so much value for so little money. Existing wall surfaces act as panels, creating the traditional flavor of authentic wainscoting at a fraction of the cost and none of the hassles. Since the system has no panels, you're free to position the vertical stiles anywhere you want for a balanced appearance.
BeadBoard Kits, Sheets and Planks (10/69)
BeadBoard is a traditional architectural feature that includes delicate, vertical grooves -- "beads" -- milled into wood. Beadboard can be used as stand-alone wall paneling or surrounded by stiles and rails as part of a wainscoting installation. Either way, beads are key. They conceal joints and any slight mismatch between neighboring panels.
PVC Column Wraps (6/49)
We make an extensive line of Square Tapered or Non-Tapered pre-sized / custom made exterior PVC Column Wraps. We hope that these pictures will make finding the right column to fit the specific architectural order or style easier.
Exterior Columns (3/22)
Elite Trimworks offers a wide variety of both interior and exterior decorative columns. Many of your columns are made right on the premises. When choosing between Load-Bearing or purely Decorative Columns, you should consider what options are available to best suits your requirement.
Interior Columns (4/43)
The attention to detail and devotion to the classical orders are absolute. Choose from a large selection of either square or round interior wood columns. They can be used purely for decorative purposes or for their structural load bearing capabilities.
Cornices and Trimwork (11/72)
Elite Trimworks offers a wide variety of interior and exterior mouldings and millwork. Our wainscoting, embossed crown mouldings, beadboard and interior columns are made right on the premises. ELITETRIM mouldings are easy to install, and best of all, they're amazingly affordable! Whether you're a trained journeyman or a novice do-it-yourselfer.
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