Cortex Concealed Fastening System - PVC Trim 50ft

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Fastenmaster Cortex Concealed Fastenening System for Certainteed PVC Trim 50 linear feet.  The package consisting of 75 screws, 100 plugs and a setting tool.

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Fastenmaster Cortex Concealed Fastenening System for Certainteed PVC Trim 50 linear feet.  The package consisting of 75 screws, 100 plugs and a setting tool.

It’s fast, easy and yet another advantage of choosing our long-lasting, easy-to-work-with exterior trim. With the CertainTeed PVC Trimboard and Cortex® Hidden Fastening System, fastener heads are virtually invisible—resulting in a far more beautiful finished look. 

  • Fast and Easy: No more caulking, sanding or painting 
  • Strong Connection: Cortex fasteners offer higher withdrawal values than nails 
  • Can be painted 
  • For use with CertainTeed Millwork PVC trim in both smooth and TrueTextureTM finishes

All Cortex fasteners, plugs and setting tools included in each package 

Installation Procedure 

  • Use a standard 18V cordless impact drill. 
  • Set the Cortex® fastener perpendicular to the trimboard
    using the Cortex setting tool. 
  • Place the PVC trim plug into the hole with the trim surface
    side up and gently tap until it is flush with the trimboard.
    Installation Tips Trimboard Dimensions 
    The CertainTeed Restoration Millwork® Cortex Hidden Fastening System is designed for use with Restoration Millwork PVC trim with actual thicknesses of 5/8" to 5/4."
    General Fastening Guidelines 
  • Fasteners should penetrate a minimum of 1-1/2" through a flat, solid wood substrate into a framing member. 
  • Apply trimboards over framing no greater than 16" on center. 
  • If framing members are greater than 16" on center, provide
    additional bracing for fastening.

Setting the Cortex Fastener 

Using a standard 18V cordless impact drill, drive the fastener to the preset level below the trim surface. The fastener must be driven perpendicular to the trim surface. 

Removing a Cortex Fastener 

To remove a fastener set below the trim surface, use a standard #1 square drive bit. 

Setting the Cortex Engineered Plug 

To ensure a strong bond, the cored hole must be free of dirt or rainwater. 


Predrilling is not required throughout the majority of the project. Predrilling is required when fastening within 1⁄2" of the end of a board and at mitered joints. Use a 3⁄16" drill bit for predrilled pilot holes. 


These fastening instructions must be followed to meet FastenMaster® Cortex warranty requirements. Please visit or call CertainTeed at 800.233.8990 for full written warranty. 

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