Column Cover vs Post Cover

The Difference Between a Porch Post and Column Explained

Post and column covers both look very similar to the untrained eye. However, there are a variety of differences between the two.

tmp20d6-2etmp-tcm96-1941023.jpgLet’s start with post covers. The general idea behind them is to cover an existing metal or wood post, but with a smaller size. Post wraps are generally plainer, not designed to draw attention to them, but to help improve the look and enhance the structural engineered requirement. They are often used when you have multiple posts as part of the porch, such as holding the roof above. The caps and bases of post covers are smaller and simpler, meant more to cover the end seam between the cover and the supported surfaces. The post wraps are easier to install and require less time and/or effort.

Columns on the other hand offer more of a substantial design and footprint.  They are larger with the shaft being 8” or more. They are part of the architectural feature, made to stand out and be a part of the overall design. The caps and bases are more ornate. They are also more durable and thicker than post covers are. Columns were originally designed to last centuries. Column shafts also include panelling along with other additional design features that can be added without making it look out of place. Not only are columns larger, but with the look of columns comes a piece of history as they are a feature that spans across years and empires.

recessed-PVC-column-covers.jpg?t=1646335927Regardless of their differences, the key element they have in common is how easy Elite Trimworks PVC Wraps are to install. You do not have to be a master of the craft in order to create a beautiful home.  We make it simple no matter what you choose!