Recessed - Without Panels

Classic good looks, great price, Discounted Shipping, easy installation. What could be better?

The genius of our unique Recessed Wall Paneled Wainscot system is the way it delivers so much value for so little money. Take a look and see for yourself. Each 8-foot kit includes everything you need: base rail, stiles, top rail and shoe moulding. Fasten these parts to any smooth wall and you're done. Existing wall surfaces act as panels, creating the traditional flavor of authentic wainscoting at a fraction of the cost and none of the hassles. We've even negotiated discounted shipping rates for you!

Figuring out what you need is even easier than installation. Just measure the total length of the walls you plan to enhance, then order the number of 8-foot kits required. That's it. Since the system has no panels, you're free to position the vertical stiles anywhere you want for a balanced appearance.

Truly Affordable, Classic Wainscot! Shipped in 8-foot, easy-to-install kits directly from our factory

Every Elite Wall Paneled Wainscot kit comes factory primed and ready to paint. Apply one good coat of paint after installation and you're done. Most customers paint both the wall surface and all kit parts the same color, but perhaps you're more adventurous. Consider using wall paper on the panel areas or paint it a different color. Need help deciding? Give us a call. Our qualified design experts are standing by.


We ship Elite Wall Paneled Wainscot to addresses across the continental United States, arriving in 3 to 5 business days. Wall paneled wainscoting orders processed before 4 PM usually leaves our facility the next shipping day. Kits are packaged for safe, secure delivery, guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition.

We're here to help, both before and after you buy. In the unlikely event that you run into difficulties, we're ready to get you going. Our friendly, trained technical staff is only a phone call away. Check out our detailed, online installation bulletin or try our online Chat.

Want to add extra refinement to a room?

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SKU Product name   Price    
RC-SAM Recessed Paneled Wainscoting Sample
  •   Free shipping *  
  • CAD$33.28
RB-5-8 Wainscot Router Bit
  • CAD$81.32
RCW-RL-K Recessed Wall Paneled Wainscot Rail Kit
  • CAD$125.44
RCW-ST-S Recessed Wall Paneled, Stair Kit - Straight Wall
  • CAD$137.73
RCW-38H Recessed, Wall Paneled Wainscot Kit, 38" High
  • CAD$171.46
RCW-58H Recessed, Wall Paneled Wainscot Kit, 58" High
  • CAD$193.37
RCW-2T-50H Recessed, Wall Paneled Wainscot Kit, Two Tier 50" High
  • CAD$221.20
RCW-AC-5 Recessed Wall Paneled Accent Wall Kit 5ft
  • CAD$235.10
RCW-72-CR Recessed Paneled Wainscot Kit, 72" high with Cornice or Brackets
  • CAD$243.46
RCW-AC-8 Recessed Wall Paneled Accent Wall Kit 8ft
  • CAD$344.32
WPW-FS Recessed Wall Paneled, Flexible Stair Kit
  • CAD$952.32