Mouldings for Wainscoting

Moulding and Trims for Wainscoting

If you'd like any help with windows, doors or staircases, just give us a call, and any one of us will give you whatever help you need. Measure the walls to be covered, and draw a layout of the room. Indicate the measurements of the walls on your drawing. We will help you use the measurements to determine how much moulding to purchase.

Common configurations and cross-sections of Recessed Panel Wainscoting Trims


Per page:
SKU Product name   Price    
SH-STILE-25-1P Stile for Shaker Wainscoting Kit
  • CAD$3.99
ST-PL-MDF-8 Stile for Panelled Wainscoting
  • CAD$6.70
REC-W-STILE-8 Shaped Stile for Wainscoting
  • CAD$9.09
W-BR Single Wainscot Shelf Bracket
  • CAD$10.65
M-SHOE-PVC Modern, PVC Shoe Trim
  • CAD$14.39
RC-STILE-8ft Un-Shaped Recessed-Stile
  • CAD$21.29
TC-SHOE-PVC Tall Colonial PVC Shoe Trim
  • CAD$22.96
UR-SL-W Upper Rail for Shiplap Wainscoting
  • CAD$25.44
U-RC-RAIL-8 Upper RAIL for Wainscoting
  • CAD$30.57
W-PS-8 Wainscot Plate Shelf
  • CAD$32.02
NS-W-C Waterproof Wainscot Cap
  • CAD$36.09
LR-SL-W Lower Rail for Shiplap Wainscoting
  • CAD$41.43
T-CAP-58 Tall Wainscot Cap
  • CAD$48.03
2P-CAP Two Piece Wainscot Cap
  • CAD$48.04
SH-UR-8 Shaker Wainscot Upper Rail
  • CAD$58.20