Installing Round Fibercast Columns

Installing Round Fibercast Columns
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1. establish the center point of the column by dropping a plumb line on the floor. Indicate the point with an "X" for proper shaft alignment. 

2. Measure the overall height of the opening. Using a jack, slightly raise up the roofline to allow for proper column positioning. 

3. Using a skill saw, trim excess length off the bottom of the shaft. Rasp the end of the shaft to ensure even load distribution around the entire circumference. 

4. Slide top and bottom base onto the shaft of the column. Allow the cap to slide down, resting on the neck mold until the shaft is positioned correctly. Move the column into position, mark and drill pilot holes for "L" brackets. Drill screws into "L" brackets. Masonry screws are to be used on any concrete substrates. 

5. Remove jack so the load is applied on the column. The load is to be evenly distributed on the entire surface area of the column to ensure maximum load. No spaces or unevenness between shaft and surface should be noticeable. 

6. Raise capital into place to pre-drill holes through the cap of the column. After pre-drilling is complete fasten to secure. Apply body filler at countersunk screw holes. 

7. Use paintable silicone caulking to seal any spaces

Finishing Tips!

a) apply one coat of exterior acrylic primer
b) after drying, lightly sand column for smoothness
c) Apply 2 finish coats of acrylic paint with a light sanding in between coats.
*always follow manufacturers' specifications to ensure optimum drying time. 

Want to print these instructions? Download a jpeg version here.