April News

Apr 27, 2022

April is upon us and this month we want to share some of our news!

Product Updates!

Have you heard? We have some great new updates this month, including the new Two Piece Wainscot Cap and Modern PVC Shoe Trim on all recessed wainscoting kits!

We also have some pricing updates including
Flat Faux Beam: CAD$238.10/US$190.48, the 7” Wall Bracket: CAD$35.50/US$28.40
and some columns including Round, Smooth, Wood, Non-Tapered Column 12"
Round, Smooth, Wood, Non-Tapered Column 10"
8" Tapered Round Wood Column
Round, Smooth, Wood, Non-Tapered Column 6"
6" - Tapered Round Wood Column

Customer Review of the Month

This Month's Laugh

Today I saw a phone number written on a pillar...

Should I column?