Square, Craftsman, HBG PermaCast

Tapered Fiberglass, Craftsman, Arts & Crafts or Bungalow  Columns

Explore our extensive collection of Craftsman PermaCast and FRP Columns, expertly crafted from durable composite fiberglass, tailored to excel in outdoor applications. These columns boast a unique aesthetic that will effortlessly set your home apart from neighbouring residences. Specifically designed to complement Arts and Crafts architecture, our Tapered Craftsman or Bungalow Columns capture the charm of the early 1900s Craftsman era and provide lasting beauty and structural integrity for contemporary homes.

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FRP-SQTP-10-6-60 10-6-60 Square, Tapered, FRP Column
  • CAD$465.97
FRP-SQTP-10-6-66 10-6-66 Square, Tapered, FRP Column
  • CAD$520.87
FRP-SQTP-12-10-72 12-10-72 Square, Tapered, FRP Column
  • CAD$641.38
HBG-CR-10-6-66 10/6 HB&G PermaCast Craftsman Column 66" High
  • CAD$669.43
HBG-CR-10-8-66 10/8 HB&G PermaCast Craftsman Column
  • CAD$834.14
FRP-SQTP-16-9-58 16-9-58 Square, Tapered, FRP Column
  • CAD$842.23
HBG-CR-16-9-5 16/9 HB&G PermaCast Craftsman Column
  • CAD$917.35
FRP-SQTP-16-9-72 16-9-72 Square, Tapered, FRP Column
  • CAD$933.28
HBG-CR-12-8-5 12/8 HB&G PermaCast Craftsman Column
  • CAD$1,010.44
HBG-CR-12-10-6 12/10 HB&G PermaCast Craftsman Column
  • CAD$1,168.38
HBG-CR-16-12-6 16/12 HB&G PermaCast Craftsman Column
  • CAD$1,378.65
HBG-CR-14-12-9 14/12 HB&G PermaCast Craftsman Column 9' High
  • CAD$1,890.15