Capitals & Bases - PVC

Capitals and Bases Specifically Suited for PVC Column Wraps
Can be Standard or Custom Made

Choosing the right cap and base for your columns is as important as the selection of the column shaft. The right cap and bases defines your front entrance and creates atmosphere that complements your lifestyle. Other than choosing the style that best suits your project, there are other things to consider when choosing a base and capital set. Different Capitals come in different sizes or thickness. In some cases, you may have a space limitation, and you have to compromise between the width of your shaft and the width of the capital.

Even with today's modern paint and wallpapers, wainscoting still serves its intended protective By default, we ship all our PVC column wraps with a Box Capital and Base, see drawing below. Other manufactures sometimes refer this box set as either a Ogee or Craftsman set. Ours are made using 3/4" thick PVC, see individual product descriptions for more specific details.


Each PVC Box Set or Georgian Set are hand made to order; they are manufactured using precision machinery and are sanded thoroughly before they leave the shop. Regardless of weather or not you see the desired size listed, these sets can be made any size to suit any column, call for details. HB&G offers an extensive line of Ornamental Tuscan Capitals sets for the PermaCast square columns ranging from 6" to 24" square (see PDF's to details). These square sets are easily adapted for use with our PVC Column Wraps or Post Covers.

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