Exterior Trimwork

Pergolas – The Hows and Whys

Pergolas are a growing trend that is more popular in the warmer months. Attached to a home or standing on their own, they are a great addition to any place. They are considered a type of gazebo and are often found outside and in gardens. The interesting thing about Pergolas is that they are seen throughout history, all the way back to Ancient Rome and Egypt, much like columns are.

Generally made up of wood or PVC, Pergolas are created with columns or support posts, rafters, beams, purlins and lattice mouldings.

They are customizable to your preference and are sometimes decorated with vines or lights. This really creates an eye-catching look that draws people in. They can provide some shade and help protect areas from the elements with their design.

At Elite Trimworks, we believe the best material choice for pergolas is Fibreglass or PVC, as both are weather and insect-resistant and are unlikely to warp or bend with time. They are more likely to last longer without needing to be replaced due to damages caused by nature.

At the age of 33, Lydia has traveled across Canada and parts of the world. She has worked for Elite Trimworks in the administration and marketing section for over 6 years. She enjoys writing and works with children when not at Elite. She currently lives in Toronto with her dog.