Interior Columns

Interior Columns – Round Vs. Square

Whether strictly for decoration or to cover up unsightly support posts, interior columns are a great addition to any home. Available in many sizes, both round or square, these wood columns (paint grade or hardwood) can be customized to your needs.


If you are looking for a classic roman look, then round columns are the way to go. When unsplit, they are perfect for their load bearing capabilities. However, once split to be a pole wrap, that load bearing ability dissolves. All round columns, whether split or unsplit, can be custom fluted.

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If you want more of a contemporary feel, then square columns are the ideal choice. Square columns, however, only have certain styles of fluting that is available. They are non load bearing and can only be used to wrap around a current load bearing support post. They also are the only columns that can be panelled. Panelled columns, particularly half panelled columns, are perfect for adding a decorative feel to a room.


Each column comes with a standard base and capital per column shape. The standard capital and base for a round column is tuscan styled. Whereas there are more choices for the standard capitals and bases for a square column. These are the box, tuscan or georgian styles. If desired, other styles of caps and bases are available, particularly for round columns, however they come with additional cost.

Interior columns are especially popular used as basement pole covers but they are not limited to it. As the styles vary, you can find one that would suit pretty much every room!


For more information on the different styles of columns, check out our website: here. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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