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Infinity Ceilings

For those of you who might not know, infinity ceilings look something like this:

The name comes from the look that the source of the light is unseen and appears to be never-ending. These ceilings can be created using a mix of mouldings, beams and LED light strips. The ceiling shown in the pictures provided came from one of our managers, and it is with permission that I’m going to delve into the details of this ceiling.

First, let’s look at the before picture.

As you can see, the ceiling was typically flat and plain, with nothing drawing attention to the room. As renovations were planned, the choice to change the ceiling arose. It was through careful deliberation with others at the company, as well as those living in the home, that the idea of the infinity ceiling came up. They made the decision to coffer the Californian ceiling in drywall in order to avoid the cost and mess of it being removed. The homeowners also preferred the contemporary look that the infinity ceiling provided.

The ceiling took a total of one week to install and cost just over $3000 (not including the bulk head). The homeowner chose the pot lights shown, however it is a recommendation for anyone looking into obtaining an infinity ceiling. The pot lights add depth and perception to the room as well as highlighting sections of the wall. The beams and drywall were used to create the lowered sections of the ceiling, while LED light strips were used to create the unending source of light, controlled by a sliding light switch on the wall.

The final touches were the chosen mouldings, the medallion and the chandelier. In the end, what was created was an eye-catching renovation that enhanced the home both in look and quality.

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