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There is a long-standing history of crown moulding. Used to cover the seams of a wall when reaching the ceiling or floor, it was a way of displaying one’s wealth. Now, there are many types of crown moulding as techniques and styles have advanced through the years, and different materials are used instead of traditional wood.

The beauty of crown moulding is the many different styles that are available. Each style allows for a varying look that customizes your home to your preference.
In this post, we will be covering three of the five major styles of moulding, looking specifically at cornice moulding.


First up is the Deep Cove cornice:


Available in 5” or 7”, the deep cove is well known for the extended length of the curve in the cornice. It is an excellent choice for those who want their moulding to be eye-catching but simple compared to some of the other choices available.

Next is the Georgian style of moulding:


This style is relatively simple, with few curves and little detail. It is one of the most popular choices because it suits any room in a home, adapting easily to the style of the room that it is applied. The sizes vary though as this style of moulding is available in 5 1/4”, 7” and 12”.


Next up is the Tuscan style:


The Tuscan cornice differs from the Georgian by having extra detail in the moulding. It is enough for those who want a slightly different style but still maintain the elegant look that crown moulding gives. Available in 5”, 7” and 9”, it is another one of our most popular styles of moulding. Because of it’s adaptability to any room, there is also a variety of brackets that can be applied to this moulding as well.


Regardless of the style of moulding you choose, crown moulding is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room.

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