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Cove Lighting


One of the more increasingly popular styles that is being adapted more and more is Cove Lighting.


As seen in the pictures shown, cove lighting is when the main light of a room is hidden behind crown moulding that is extended from the walls. By using a LED light strip, the installation is easier and the lighting is uniform around the room. The LED light strip is adhesive on one side which allows you to stick it however you please, though brackets are generally used.


Because of the uniform look of the cove lighting, the room is evenly lit – even the corners. While this lighting is the main lighting, and can be adapted to a dimmer switch, it is also common to install pot lights in the ceiling. This allows for more choice in the lighting of the room.


Cove lighting can also be used in infinity ceilings, which we’ve previously written about. As such, cove lighting is adaptable to many different styles of rooms. It continues to be a popular choice that has only increased through the years.



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