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Exterior - Plank Sample Pack

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Sample Pack of PVC Planks and PVC Sheets used for Exterior applications.

We offer free shipping for this sample pack. Within major cities in Canada and the Lower 48 States.

Limit of one sample per customer.

  • Choices for Exterior Ceilings

    Need some help chosing the right Plaink of Sheet product for exteriors apllications?

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Sample Pack of PVC Planks and PVC Sheets used for Exterior applications.

-Two Extruded Tongue & Groove Beaded Planks, reversible with the V-Groove joint on the other side.

-Two Tongue & Groove, Blind Nail, PVC Planks showing a V-Groove on one side and a Nickel Gap joint on the reverse.

-As for sheets goods, we will include a small panel of PVC carved with V-Groove on one side and Beaded on the other side. 

As we groove these panels in-house you may order any panel size, sheet size in any thickness, and groove spacing.
If you do not see a specific item that you are looking for listed, contact us, at no additional charge we can send other related samples. 

We offer free shipping for this sample pack. Within major cities in Canada and the Lower 48 States.

Limit of one sample per customer.

Choosing the right material for Exterior Use? 

PVC is a great material to consider for any exterior application. It is a maintenance free product that does not require painting. PVC is a durable material that can be exposed to water and does not deteriorate due to rot or weather or insects. It is also the right choice if you are looking to install in a space where there is a possibility of the trim making contact to the ground or consistently exposed to water. 

MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard  an engineered wood product ideal for interior applications. MDF offers more stability than solid wood since it does not have a grain and will not expand and contract as much as wood. Painting is a breeze with MDF as it will accept any paint and can be painted any colour.  Most of our interior products are Primed White and are ready to be painted once installed. 

Choosing Between Planks or Sheets.

Planks are ideal for situations where you have large areas to cover i.e. ceilings, accent walls or entire rooms floor to ceiling. The planks are made with either Shiplap or Tongue & Groove joints for seamless installation. Planks install much like hardwood flooring and can be staggered so as not to create long unsightly seams. Tongue & Groove planks are typically made using thicker material and can be installed onto a wall without existing drywall directly onto the framing studs.  

Sheets on the other hand are a good idea if you have a long wall to cover and the seams are not going to be much of an issue. They are also ideal for Cabinet Makers and Furniture Applications where they will be used as backers or on cabinet doors. Our sheets are manufactured in such a way that the sides of the sheets are shiplapped to meet up with the next sheet seamlessly however whenever the two sheets meet up at the end of the bead or groove, you may notice a seam.  Unlike planks that conform to the curvature of the wall, sheets tend to meet up at slightly different angles. 

Sheets are not as good for ceilings unless you are using them in a Beamed Ceiling application where the seams are not visible. Sheets can be ordered in various joint profiles, sheet sizes and sheet thicknesses. The Beads or Grooves can be ordered in both horizontal or vertical direction. 

One other thing to keep in mind with sheets is shipping cost. Due to their size, sheets will always be shipped by Transport (Common Carrier) on a skid.  As shipping cost is calculated based on the footprint on the truck floor, whether you order one sheet or 50 sheets, the cost is similar.

Choosing the right Face Profile to fit your design and style
V Groove —- Nickel Gap —- Beaded 

V-Groove Face Profile:

The V Groove is more traditional and looks more like boards or hardwood flooring than the other options due to the bevel that runs along the side edges of the planks. The Planks can be installed with random end joints at either uniform or staggered intervals like flooring.  Painting is a breeze with the V Groove as it tends to be shallow and easy to get paint into the “V” without too much work.  Note that deeper grooves or beads require thicker material that costs more to buy and ship. 

blob_7.pngNickel Gap:

The Nickel Gap has been called “Modern Farmhouse” however it will fit into any modern architecture if applied properly. The reason it’s called Nickel Gap is that in the past, the spacing was equal to putting three stacked nickels into the gap, the gap is perfectly square and has sharp, square edges. The square edges make it a modern take on old world siding. Nickel Gap can be installed Horizontally or Vertically depending on your preference.  When finished, the shadow created by the Gap is what defines this style once installed.  Regardless of the Gap spacing at 6,8,10, or 12 inches, the gap will remain the same, ¼”.  Once installed both the shiplap and tongue & groove versions look the same.

If Choosing the Beadboard Profile:

Our sheets can be custom cut with varying bead widths whereas our planks cannot be customized. When choosing your bead width, you may want to consider the size of the room. Smaller beads may make your room look too busy if it’s a large area however they would look great in a smaller room. Wider beads are the most traditional choices however our planks are available in widths up to 12”. Larger bead spacing may be more appropriate for a large room or ceiling application. We offer relatively shallow beads (V Groove) however Nickel Gap and W Beads are much deeper and really draw your eye due to the depth and the contrast they offer against the flat portions. Please note that deeper beads require a thicker material and shipping will also be more costly. The Beadboard options at Big Box Stores tend to be shallow and cut from thin sheets in the interest of reducing cost.

Vertical or Horizontal Installation?  

All our Sheet and Plank products can be installed both Vertically or Horizontally.  A Horizontal installation is used when you want to make a room look expansive and modern. Horizontal installations can really expand a room and make it seem larger than it is. If you really want an uber modern look, cover the room in horizontal planks. If you want a more rustic feel, use a matte paint.  

Vertical Installation is more contemporary and is what most people think about when they think of Beadboard or Planks. This type of installation is best for making a room look taller as the vertical lines draw the eyes up. 

To summarize, the Nickel Gap looks best when installed Horizontally and the V Groove and Bead Board look best when installed Vertically on walls. 

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