Beadboard Paneling

Beadboard Panelling for Wainscoting

Beadboard panelling can transform a room. Despite that the popularity of the wainscot waned during the late 50s, it has been gaining interest once more because of its various uses. This type of wall treatment adds flawless design details to any room, bringing the space to life and invigorating the look from old to new. Whether choosing something raw or prefinished, like with all wood, can be cut using a table saw.  The reasoning behind the top cap and shoe trim of any wainscot system are to avoid damage to the wall from such things as chairs or furniture being moved around. 

Beadboard panelling is used throughout any room or project. You can find beadboard on kitchen ceilings, pubs, washrooms, basement and playrooms and even as an accent wall when used with wider grooves.  When thinking of using beadboard panelling, or any wainscoting, you want to ensure to include under window measurements as well as above any openings. Usually, 10% waste consideration is ideal for a standard-sized project.  

So, whether you're looking for a more traditional feel with a narrower bead, or modern with our wide planks, consider sprucing up your space with this panelling design soon!

Vinyl Beadboard Planks or Panelling

Beadboard panelling gives you a broad selection of diverse options as it is available in many different colours and textures. There are several ways for you to use beadboard panelling in your home. Many people favour vertical or horizontal shapes made by the long rectangular pieces of beadboard. 

Vinyl beadboard is a particularly favourite choice for your exterior or rooms that deal with moisture. It does not stain or fade in the sunlight and is resistant to scratches. This makes it a great choice for busier locations such as hallways, foyers, children’s bedrooms and other areas where accidents are likely to transpire at home or commercial locations. It is also water-resistant and unlikely to rot. It works just like wood when it comes to installing as it can be sawn, nailed or glued. The vinyl planks are also reversible: beaded on one side and V-Grooved on the other. 

Beaded Oak Panelling

Oak beadboard panelling is one of our hardwood options. They are created with veneered MDF trim and panels, unless those panels are Raised, then they are solid wood. While not moisture resistant, they create a beautiful look in a home.  All hardwood oxidizes so it is usually not kept in high volumes of stock and is made to order to avoid discolouration.  Once installed, as in all architectural products, the wainscoting will need to be finished.  There is wood putty available to fill any gaps, seams and nail holes and after light sanding, a stain of choice can be used. Choosing the right stain is up to the individual tastes but it is best to speak to a representative to help guide you in your stain choice at any local paint store. Veneered profiles also have minimal knots and do not require grain filling or heavy sanding. 

Pine Tongue and Groove Panelling

Pine beadboard is another hardwood feature. This one gives the warm, cottage vibe with the knotty pine. Unlike the other veneered options, this one is strictly pine in order to maintain its authenticity and substance. 

Knotty Pine Beadboard is typically used anywhere such as wall or ceiling applications and throughout any space really.  The use of pine beadboard to cover an entire space is often done so to create that classic cottage in the woods nostalgic look. It is important to note that regardless of the style of beadboard you choose, each material has the capability to withstand various elements better than others.  For instance, Hardwood Knotty Pine Beadboard can handle more than MDF Beadboard. However, all material once installed does expand and contract through natural season changes as well.

MDF Beadboard Planks

MDF beadboard panelling is one of the most popular options for beadboard. It helps provide a classic look to any home with its simplistic design. Elongated lines allow for a sophisticated flow of any area whether vertically or horizontally installed. This type of kit comes with beadboard planks that have three beads per plank at 8-¼” or 16” wide allowing for easy installation.  As in all panel wainscoting, beadboard and plank applications, this is an easy solution for many homeowners who have several types of wall imperfections and feel that covering-up is the only solution. It may not be the only one but it certainly is the most cost-effective for time, material and labour. 

Beaded Panelling or Sheets

Like planks, the sheets offer a similar design with less defined beads and a larger coverage area per piece. With sheets itself achieving an 8 foot or higher wall panel is easy and less labour intensive.  Perfect for large projects in residential or commercial installations. They require to be installed against drywall/sheetrock and using a standard compressor with a pneumatic finishing nail gun. The sheets are almost always installed vertically and finished with a baseboard and cap trim.  A great way to incorporate a more homestyle feel, using the sheets with a smaller bead spacing also gives warmth and comfort to any space.  Without looking too complex, the sheets yield a true farmhouse or pub-style design.

Beadboard Compared to Wainscoting

An alternative choice to ceramic tiles, beadboard is a terrific selection for bathrooms due to the fact that it is reasonably resilient, can easily be decorated with any type of colour scheme, and can be put up at any sort of elevation. While you often see it in traditional or rustic washrooms, beadboard does not need to divulge a cutesy country feel. It can easily be positively sleek and amazing. Most importantly, beadboard could add a brand-new aesthetic comparison to any type of remotely blah restroom.

To conserve your cash and time, contractors could set up whole sheets of beadboard instead of placing them piece by piece. Beadboard now comes in all kinds of components from MDF to PVC. And, of program, beadboard can be gotten somewhere else in your house: as a cooking area backsplash, on the roof, on cupboards or on any sort of internal wall surface.

Beadboard Panelling or Sheets used for Wainscoting

 Here is a variety of pictures showing how beadboard panelling can be used.

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