Panels for Wainscoting

Wainscoting Panels can be ordered separately or used as extras for our Raised Panel, Flat Panel, or any of our many Wainscoting Kits.
Shiplap Wainscoting can be ordered in 4x8 sheets (or larger), 16" wide strips, or in pre-cut panels to fit our Wainscoting Kits.


Per page:
SKU Product name   Price    
FP-24X24-PG-O Flat Wainscot Panel 24" x 24" - PG
  • US$8.05
FPL-20-44-O Flat Wainscot Panel for Stairs
  • US$15.68
RP-24X24-PG Raised Wainscot Panel 24" X 24" - MDF
  • US$30.23
FP-PACK-PG Flat Wainscot Panel & Stile Pack
  • US$67.17
FPW-4PL-HW-OAK Pack of 4 Hardwood Flat Panels -- no Stiles
  • US$78.36
BP-PACK-PG Beaded Wainscot Panel & Stiles Pack
  • US$90.68
FP-PACK-ST-PG Flat Wainscot Panel & Stile Pack for Stairs
  • US$100.74
RP-PACK-ST-PG Unshaped Wainscot Panel & 5 Stiles Pack for Stairs
  • US$110.83
RPW-PACK-PG Raised Wainscot Panel & Stiles Pack
  • US$137.69
99-519 Freud 2 + 2 Router Bit
  • US$169.95