Vinyl Post Covers

Wrap & Snap Vinyl Post Covers
Probably the Easiest Post Sleeves to Install Found Online!


Being made of vinyl, Snap Together Post Covers are dent and are maintenance-free. Vinyl Post Covers have UV inhibitors built in to prevent fading and oxidation. They come in a warm white and do not require painting.

As the name implies, our Vinyl Post Covers are a “snap” to install. They are sized to cover any 4 inch wooden post up to 12 feet tall. The maximum length we can ship through UPS is eight feet. Simply compress the 4 sections together around your post and you are done! The shaft “snaps” or locks in place, no glue is required.

They also come with an oversized cap and base that you can trim to size on site. In fact, the only tools you need are a saw to trim the cap and base and either a nail gun, hammer or glue to fasten the base and cap in place.

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  • Post Cover Sample
    •   Free shipping *  

    Post Cover Sample

    Sample of 4" Vinyl Post Cover about 8" long. We offer Free Shipping* for this sample. Within major cities in Canada and the Lower 48 States.

    Limit of one sample per customer.

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    • US$18.72
  • Vinyl Post Cover Skirt

    White Vinyl Post Cover Skirt, to form the Capital and Base.  Sold as a set (8 pieces in total) to wrap around any post from 3" to 6 ⅜".  Can be used for ours or any one else's post covers.  

    They add about 1 ¼" to each side of the post and come in 4 sections that snap together - No Tools Required!. 

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    • US$37.99
  • 4 X 4 Vinyl Post Cover
    •   20% off  

    4 X 4 Vinyl Post Cover

    White 4” Vinyl Post Cover - Made to clad a wooden post from 3 ¼” to 4” square. The Post Cover comes with 4 sections that snap together around your 4” wooden post cover - No Tools Required! The caps and bases are included; they are shipped oversized and can easily be cut down on-site. The shaft adds ½” to the thickness of your existing post, and the trim and the top and bottom add another 2”. 

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    • US$87.20