PVC Beadboard Kit, 52” H, 8 ft

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Interior PVC Beadboard Kit 8 feet long* in pre-finished white 52” high. No painting required but can be painted. This kit contains all the trims needed. One 8ft cap, one 8ft base trim and 12 Planks (8 ft long) may have to be cut in half to about 48” on site. The cap and baseboard add 4” the the height of the planks.

*Actual length is 95”, which is the maximum length allowed for parcel shipping.

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    Detailed installation instructions

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Interior PVC Beadboard Kit 8 feet long* in pre-finished low maintenance vinyl white  52" high to cover 8 running feet of wall. No painting is required but can be painted. This kit contains all the trims needed. Twelve PVC Planks 8 ft. long, to be cut down to 2 sections of about 48" on site. The PVC planks are ¼” thick and 4 ¼” wide, of which approximately 4” is exposed. The beads are 2” on the center. The cap and baseboard add 4" to the height of the planks. The wainscoting cap is 1-5/8" x 96" and made of ¾” thick material. The base moulding is 3-1/2" x 96" and is made of 5/8” thick material.

*Actual length is 95”, which is the maximum length allowed for parcel shipping.

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“Perfect Finish” Ready-to-Install PVC/Cellular Composite Wainscot * NO PAINTING REQUIRED!

Its made from high strength PVC materials. This material works like wood: cuts, glues or nails. However it will not splinter or crack and has no knots. This product has a lifetime warranty on rot. The product is for interior use only.

Tools:  Mitre Saw or Hand Saw, Hammer, Level, Square, Caulking Gun, Tape Measure, Pencil

[image 1 ]
Additional Materials
Panel Adhesive (PL Premium or No More Nails Tub Surround), 1’’ finishing nails or brad nails (Optional)Installation Tips

Use a quality panel adhesive and follow manufacture’s instructions. When tapping panels into each otheruse a wood block or end cut of one of the panels. Do NOT use the hammer directly on the panel or butt panels too tighly. Allow for normal expansion and contraction (1/32").

For better holding strength angle all nails and drive nails leaving 1/8” above surface and finish using a nailset. When possible nail into moulding groove. This avoids surface damages. For cleaner cut, saw into the finished surface.

When you approach an outlet, turn off the power. Take careful measurements of the outlet location and cut out the opening.

Installation: Base Trim

Measure your wall, if your wall is longer than 8’ pre-mitre the joining end with the next piece of base board you will be using.
[image 7 ]

Make certain the Base Trim has the pre-grooved end up before glueing or nailing. Apply glue in a zig-zag pattern on back of Base Trim and apply to wall. Make sure Base Trim pieces align on the wall
[image 2 & 3 ]

Installation: Panel

The correct installation of the first panel board is the key to an easy and successful installation.

Begin at the left most corner of your installation (opposite if you are left-handed). Each panel is tongue and grooved for a uniform fit and easy installation. Determine which side you want to enhance your room beaded or smooth. Keep the groove edge towards the starting corner. Using a level make sure the first panel is absolutly square. When necessary, scribe and remove material from the panel from the groove

side (inside corner).

[image 4 ]

Next, determine the height you want for your wainscot and cut only if necessary.

[image 5 ]

Do not force fit pieces together. Apply glue on back side of panel place into groove on Base Trim and position into corner.
[image 6 ]

(Optional) Nailing the top, middle and bottom tongue every 16” will ensure better adhesion.Carefully measure and fit next panels. The last panel may also need to be trimmed to fit into the corner.

Installation: Chair Rail

Make sure that all panels are correctly installed.Measure your wall, if your wall is longer than 8’ pre-mitre the joining end with the next piece of Chair Rail you will be using.
[image 7 ] Make certain the Chair Rail has the pre-grooved end down before glueing or nailing.

Apply glue in a zig-zag pattern on back of Chair Rail and apply to wall. Make sure Chair Rail pieces align on the wall.
[image 2 & 3 ]


Cleaning your Vinyl Millwork with a damp cloth makes it look like new.

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  • Tom Flatley
    Mar 3, 2019, 02:58 PM
    We decided to use Elite's PVC Beadboard for our recent bathroom remodel. The product arrived quickly, was packaged well, installed easily, and looks good. Customer service was refreshingly helpful. They emailed me to verify the order, emailed when the product shipped, and emailed me after arrival to be sure there were no questions or problems.
  • George Laverick
    Apr 26, 2018, 10:19 AM
    I am very impressed with both the product and the company. I had previously used a pvc beadboard from another manufacturer which was more expensive. This product is easier to instal and much better looking. We are remodeling a basement bathroom, and this wainscoting is perfect.
  • Patrick Harris
    Aug 17, 2017, 12:35 PM
    Love this product easy to work with. Have installed raised panel in most of house . Elite Trimworks is easy to work with and an honorable company. I definitely recommend them for vinyl and raised panel wainscoting.

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