Victorian Ornaments

Victorian Trims, Gables and Brackets
Made from either Polyurethane or PVC to last a lifetime


Let Elite Trimworks help you bring out the best in your Classic Victorian Home with our extensive line of adjustable Spandrels, Gable Ends, Brackets and Posts. We specialize in making architecturally-accurate millwork for Victorian and many other styles to suit your taste.

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SKU Product name   Price    
DK-BR Dakota Bracket
  •   50% off  
  • US$14.20
V400 Porch Bracket V400 Victorian Porch Bracket
  • US$29.12
V401 Porch Bracket V401 Victorian Porch Bracket
  • US$30.83
VC-BR Victorian Column Brace
  • US$32.00
LM-BR Victorian Lions Mane Bracket
  • US$38.00
V403 Porch Bracket V403 Victorian Porch Bracket
  • US$40.09
V308-L Decorative Scroll
  • US$42.48
V402 Porch Bracket V402 Victorian Porch Bracket
  • US$42.73
V203-L Georgian Scroll – Left or Right
  • US$47.44
V305 Gable Post V305
  • US$72.90
WB-1003 Sun Shine Wall Bracket
  • US$76.96
V200-8 Island Gingerbread
  • US$79.04
V100-8 Fleur-D-Lis Scroll - PVC - 8 ft.
  • US$100.30
V300 Gable Post V300
  • US$101.69
VPB-10 10" Victorian Porch Spandrel
  • US$148.00