Structural Brackets

Elite Trimworks offers a wide range of wall brackets that serve both decorative and structural purposes. These brackets are constructed from long-lasting Cellular PVC material, ensuring durability and resistance to rotting and decay. However, it's important to note that Cellular PVC is purely decorative and does not provide structural support.

Our Structural Wall Brackets are specifically designed with hollow spaces to accommodate wooden or metal supports, distinguishing them from solid polyurethane or wood brackets. By incorporating additional supports, these brackets can effectively hold entrance canopies, overhangs, arbours, pergolas, and balconies.

When considering your project requirements and availability, you have the option to either order our structural support frame or have a support frame welded or assembled locally. To ensure that your chosen support system can bear the required load, we strongly recommend consulting with your architect, contractor, or building department.

For a comprehensive understanding of each bracket's dimensions, size options, and support choices, we urge you to refer to our product descriptions.


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