Structural Brackets

Elite Trimworks offers an extensive range of wall brackets that suit both decorative and structural requirements. Our structural wall brackets are specifically designed to support entrance canopies and balconies, ensuring maximum support and durability. Depending on the project requirements, we can either provide the necessary structural frame material or allocate sufficient space for on-site installation. We highly recommend referring to our product descriptions for complete details on each bracket's specifications.

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price    
SCB-28 28" Structural Column Bracket
  • US$50.96
K-BR-28 Knee Bracket - PVC
  • US$59.76
P503 15" Architectural Bracket
  • US$101.61
WB1026 WB1026 Bracket
  • US$140.40
P502 30” Bracket
  • US$168.00
N-BKT-24 Naples Wall Bracket
  • US$248.00
WB0441a 41" Bracket
  • US$301.70
P521 P521 Bracket
  • US$315.92
WB3944 WB3944 Bracket
  • US$330.72
WB-BR Woodbridge Structural Bracket
  • US$384.00
SR-BR-48-48 Santa Rosa Structural Bracket
  • US$412.00
WB1113 WB1113 Bracket
  • US$454.48