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Beadboard and Vertical Shiplap Wainscoting Sample Pack.  The package includes all the trims and one panel.  The panel supplied is V-Grooved on one side and Beaded on the other.  When ordering your wainscoting, you must choose one side or the other as only one side will be milled. 

If you are looking for an additional item, contact us and we can send other related samples like Beaded, V-Grooved, or Nickel Gap Sheets, Panels, or Planks. 

Limit of one sample per customer.

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Choose Between Shiplap Beadboard or Vertical Shiplap Wainscoting Kits

Thank you for your interest in our Beadboard Wainscoting Kits and for ordering these samples. Elite Trimworks offers and manufactures many varieties of Wainscoting Kits. When you buy from us, you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer and as such, we offer the most choices with the lowest prices. This sample pack is for those who are undecided as to which Beaded or V-Grooved Wainscoting kit to choose from. Needless to say, the biggest deciding factor is your personal design preference.  

BeadBoard is a traditional architectural feature that includes delicate, vertical grooves -- "beads" -- milled into the wood. Beadboard can be used as stand-alone wall panelling or surrounded by stiles and rails as part of a wainscoting installation. Either way, beads are key. They conceal joints and any slight mismatch between neighbouring panels. They also provide just enough visual interest to attract the eye. Closely spaced beading looks best in shorter installations, with wider bead spacing for tall ones.  All kits are available in full wall heights.

With so many different BeadBoard wainscoting options to choose from, it is hard to know which Beadboard trims or kits are for you. Let's look at some of the features that each product offers and how they fit into your project.

The Elite Beaded Shiplap Wainscoting Kit - As seen on the right in the picture above, the horizontal bottom and top rails are also notched to fit over the ends of the beadboard panels, making it easy to achieve tight joints and professional results. One design feature that gives the Beaded Kit its appeal is the generous bottom rail. It's a full 7 inches tall. That's wide enough to let it stand out proudly, even in the largest rooms. Like all our wainscoting kits, each Kit covers 8 running feet of wall.  Just don't be fooled by the formal good looks. These Kits are easy to install, too -- ideal for any do-it-yourselfer.

The Elite Vertical Shiplap Wainscoting Kit, as shown on the left in the picture above, is our latest Wainscoting Kit that has the Modern Farmhouse look that is very popular with designers today.  The only difference is that instead of Beaded planks, we use 5 1/2 inch-wide interlocking ship lapped, planks divided visually by a “V” groove.  The V Groove looks more like boards or hardwood flooring due to the bevel that runs along the side edges of the planks.

Vinyl Beadboard Kits - They are made with planks instead of panels like our Shiplap Wainscoting Kits except they are made from vinyl PVC.  Vinyl Kits have many advantages like being waterproof, scratch-resistant and they do not require painting.  They can be painted or you can order them in different colours.  You will have no difficulty choosing between the beaded or V-Groove look here as the Vinyl planks are reversible, beaded on one side and V-Grooved on the other.  These kits are very popular for bathrooms where moisture issues may arise.

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We are still experiencing higher demand for orders and longer-than-expected lead times due to worldwide supply chain problems.  Our team is working hard to produce all orders, as soon as possible.  Anticipate delays and longer-than-normal lead times.  Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time.  

We must continue to maintain safe working standards, along with social distancing measures, to ensure everyone's safety.  We look forward to seeing you back in our showroom or hearing from you!

Elite Team.

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