Non-Tapered Shaker Columns

Non-Tapered, Square Shaker Paneled Wraps
Decorative, Non-Structural PVC 

We offer Non-Tapered PVC Shaker Paneled Column Covers starting from 10 or 12 inches wide and up to 18 feet high, without seams!

shaker_panel_main.jpgPVC column wraps are quick and easy to install as well as lightweight, strong and paintable. They hold up to warping, shrinkage, decay, insects and they don't ever need to be painted. Made with the same PVC as is commonly used for decking and other outdoor mouldings and trims.

Like our Recessed Panelled PVC columns, our Shaker Columns include innovative adjustable dividers that slide in place on the job site. You can adjust your panel sizing to fit your railing height or your design preference. The columns are shipped with four 1” thick panels with big mitred corners that makes the assembly fast, secure and leaves no visible seams.

Any column over 12” wide are made with deeper panels and thicker stiles. There are no pre-set panels or stile sizing, all larger columns are made to order and we provide CAD drawings prior to production.

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SKU Product name   Price    
D-S-4-10D-S-4 Divider for Shaker Paneled Column
  • US$22.50
PVC-SHR-NP-S4-10-40 PVC Shaker Panel Newel Post
  • US$208.88
PVC-SKR-10-6 10" SHAKER PVC Column Wrap Kit
  • US$286.01
PVC-SKR-12-6-B 12" SHAKER PVC Column Wrap
  • US$456.29