Round Fibreglass Columns

Round FRP Columns are also Referred to as PermaCast, Fiber Cast, or Fiberglass

The preferred choice among homeowners, builders, and contractors. These columns are designed to deliver lasting durability, elegance, and exceptional value.

One of the significant advantages of choosing composite columns over ordinary wood columns lies in their remarkable properties. These columns are weather-resistant, insect-proof, and waterproof, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With composite columns, you can rest easy knowing they can withstand harsh conditions without rotting or denting. On the other hand, while wood columns can be used outdoors, they demand more maintenance and have a shorter lifespan before requiring painting or replacement.


Unlike wood columns that are spun on a lathe, these fibreglass columns are cast from a mold and tend to have more of an architecturally correct bulge as the ancient Greeks and Romans intended. Our Tuscan columns can also be used inside the home; their unique look will set your home apart from that of your neighbours. Some columns sold at the Big Box stores are tapered, but they lack the feminine curves of the Tuscan column. These curves give the impression that the columns are under great pressure from a load up above. You will notice that the bottom of a Tuscan column is a little wider than most, and the taper to the top is much more defined. The bottom also features a robust base that is reminiscent of the architecture found in the Tuscan region of Italy. We currently offer the Tuscan Composite Columns, smooth or fluted. Each column comes with the Tuscan Capital and Base. Fibreglass columns are easy to work with and can be cut with any hand saw; they come unfinished. However, they will accept paint or faux finish readily. Larger columns can be found on other pages within this site.

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