Wainscoting Kits in Oak, Maple or Cherry

rpw_sg_main.jpg At Elite Trimworks we strive to bring new and innovative products to our customers. After receiving several phone calls and email requests from our customers; we have developed and added Stain Grade Wainscoting to our already extensive line-up of paint grade wainscoting. The new Stain Grade Wainscot products will be available in Oak, Maple and Cherry.

Many modern processing techniques eliminate the natural variation of wood, however wood is not a manufactured material, and its qualities are as varied as the trees and the places from which they originate. At Elite Trimworks we try to explore the potential of each species and the various methods of processing to exploit the natural beauty of the wood.

Although the use of Oak, Maple and Cherry in Wainscoting is nothing new, allowing a homeowner to have the raised panels custom shaped at no extra charge is revolutionary.

Until recently the trouble was, if you wanted wainscoting you either had to make-do by faking the look with trim applied directly to the wall or spend a lot of money on a custom carpenter and custom-shaped panels. By using hand selected wood and precision production techniques, Elite Trimworks makes installing your own wainscoting a viable option. Our wainscot kits come shaped and sanded but otherwise unfinished to allow you to stain or varnish the wainscot to suit the decor of the space in which it will be installed.

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, a contractor or you've hired a carpenter to install our product for you, our pre-manufactured kits save time and money on the job site and come with detailed installation instructions. If you need any help, simply contact us, our helpful staff is always available to give you a hand.

Some Features and Benefits of Wrapped Veneer Profiles

  • MDF - Profiles come in one standard length, resulting in an accurately calculated yield.
  • MDF has less warp and twist than solid wood.
  • Minimal knots and mineral streaks in our wrapping grade veneer.
  • No grain filling or heavy sanding required. Wrapping grade veneer is pre-sanded.
  • Uniform coloration. High quality veneer is used for profile wrapping.
  • Stringent manufacturing tolerance thus guaranteeing profile uniformity and consistency.
  • Made with: - E.V.A. medium heat resistant adhesive. Polyolefine - high heat resistant and moisture resistant.



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