Square Fibreglass Columns

Square Fibreglass Porch Columns
Just as Easy to Install as they are to Have Shipped to your Job Site 


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SKU Product name   Price    
CUT-FEE Cut to size fee
  • US$26.78
Middle-DIV-FC-8 Middle Divider -for Fiberglass Column
  • US$26.78
PC-6-4 6" Porch Column
  • US$139.00
SFC-8-6-BOX 8" Square Fiberglass Column
  • US$162.36
P-REC-8-6-BOX 8" Recessed Fibreglass Column
  • US$179.53
SFC-BOX-10-6 10" Square Fiberglass Column
  • US$185.72
P-SNTC-12-6-BOX 12" Square Smooth Permalite Fiberglass Column
  • US$438.46