Polyurethane Faux Beams

Polyurethane Faux Wood Beams and Mantels

Elevate the ambiance of your interior or exterior project affordably with our polyurethane faux beams. These beams effortlessly bring a warm and rustic aesthetic, mirroring the striking realism of real wood beams while offering a budget-friendly alternative for adding a unique touch to your home.

Our polyurethane beams come in various sizes, each featuring a distinctive texture that authentically replicates the look of weathered natural wood. You'll be amazed at how convincingly fake can mimic reality.


Crafted from high-density rigid polyurethane, these beams are realistic, lightweight, easy to cut, and simple to install, in stark contrast to the heavy and cumbersome nature of real wood beams. Plus, you can kiss worries about warping or rotting goodbye because our faux beams are virtually maintenance-free. If you plan to install them outdoors, just apply a clear coat of UV-reflecting urethane to safeguard against any fading of the finished stain.


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BMM4X6X24RDWSMP Fypon Faux Beam and Mantel Sample
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  • US$30.00
BMSTRPS-4x6 Beam Strap - Smooth
  • US$33.93
BMSTRPH-4x6 Beam Strap - Hammered
  • US$39.60
BMM4X6X96RDW Mesa Faux Wood Beam - Fypon
  • US$116.30
BMH4X6X96ELM Hand Hewn Wood Beam - Fypon
  • US$116.30
BMR4X6X96CDR Rough Sawn Faux Wood Beam - Fypon
  • US$116.30
BMT4X6X96CDR Tahoe Faux Wood Beam - Fypon
  • US$116.30
A-BM-40510 Acadian Faux Beam
  • US$151.41
FB-BW-6-4-8 Faux Barn Wood Ceiling Beam
  • US$222.27
FB-RSC-8-8-8 Faux Rough Sawn Cedar Beam
  • US$270.25
BMH6X8X60ELM-EC Mantel Beam - Hand Hewn
  • US$284.85
BMR6X8X60CDR-EC Mantel Beam - Rough Sawn
  • US$284.85
MS8X9X60 Stepped Mantel
  • US$298.68
MC8X9X60 Classic Mantel
  • US$298.68