Pilasters Gallery

Like all our square columns, they can be smooth, panelled or fluted depending on the facing chosen. The sides are always smooth and one 7 5/8" wide side is cut down into two 3 3/8" sides (or less may be cut down on-site). As shown, using different trims, crowns and bases allow endless design combinations to suit all tastes.

Fluted Pilasters wiith raised panels highlight a living room

Note that nine-foot columns or pilasters that are used in homes with taller ceilings, can be extended using our 12" MDF extension. The seam is concealed by decorative trim. The flutes always remain proportional for 7, 8 or 9-foot columns.

A smaller seven-footer is used to adorn a doorway or entrance. In this case, the flutes have been shortened to suit the new size.

Wood Fluted Pilasters around a Theatre Room
Flute sizing varies depending on the height of the pilaster

Panelled pilasters used to frame large window in dining room

Flat panelled wood pilasters that match wainscoting

Flat panelled wood pilasters in a dining room

Half fluted raised panelled pilaster that matches wainscoting