Trim Board Made from Premium Cellular PVC
PVC Trim Boards Available With Wood Grain Finish on one side and a Smooth finish on the Other


The Advantage of using Premium Free-Rise Cellular PVC 
Our Trim Boards are designed with a natural appearance to complement fibre cement and/or natural cedar. It looks real. Cut with a proprietary system to keep the edges smooth and less likely to attract dirt like the cut boards of the competition. It can be ordered cut-to-length in unit quantities to save money by eliminating waste.

Cellular PVC Painting Tips                   CertaTrim Trimboard Installation Guidelines

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price    
TB-4-8 PVC Trimboard
  • US$9.88
NTB--SD-1x4-8 1 x 4 Notched Trimboard
  • US$20.22
TB-1x4-12 1x PVC Trimboard (3/4" thick)
  • US$25.24
NTB--SD-54x4-8 5/4 x 4 Notched Trimboard
  • US$25.27
NTB--SD-1x6-8 1 x 6 Notched Trimboard
  • US$26.85
NTB--SD-54x6-8 5/4 x 6 Notched Trimboard
  • US$33.12
TB-5/4-4-12 5/4 PVC Trimboard (1" thick)
  • US$35.45
PVC-SKIRT-6-8 PVC Skirt Board
  • US$43.80