PVC Tongue & Groove Planks

A Diverse Selection of Exterior PVC Tongue & Groove or Shiplap Planks with Nickel Gap and V-Groove Options


Looking for a durable beadboard product that will bring your finished project to the next level has never been more convenient. If you know how to cut, rout, or nail wood, you'll know how to cut, shape, fasten and finish PVC Tongue & Groove Planks using standard carpentry tools.

Most of our beadboard and T&G planks feature an extended tongue that allows fasteners to be hidden by the next plank. Known as "Blind Nailing," this saves labour in filling nail holes, thus speeding up the installation. Blind Nailing also allows for a very clean, looking installation free of pinholes.  We also offer Beaded and V-Grooved sheets that look just like our planks but are better suited for panelling.

Another difference is that better-quality exterior products have UV inhibitors added to resist oxidation. This is why, for example, vinyl lawn chairs that do not have these inhibitors added tend to develop a hazy grey surface that cannot be washed off. The problem with trying to interchange the products between installation environments is that the chemicals used for this UV protection can be very toxic in the event of a fire. Some building codes prohibit exterior PVC for interior applications. Interior beadboard products do not require UV protection; therefore do not require these additives.  Learn more about your options.

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