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A Diverse Selection of Exterior PVC and Interior MDF Planks with lots of Options


Exterior Applications - in Cellular PVC, Both Milled and Extruded

Discover a resilient Soffit Ceiling solution that elevates your final project effortlessly. If you're familiar with woodworking basics such as cutting, routing, or nailing wood, you'll find working with PVC Tongue & Groove Planks just as straightforward using standard carpentry tools.   Our Exterior Cellular PVC Planks incorporate UV inhibitors to resist oxidation. For comparison, vinyl lawn chairs lacking these inhibitors often develop oxidation, an indelible, hazy grey surface.  Learn more about your options.

Our Beadboard and T&G planks boast an extended tongue design, enabling hidden fastening through "Blind Nailing." This not only eliminates the need for labour-intensive nail hole filling but also expedites the installation process, providing a polished, pinhole-free finish. Additionally, we offer Beaded and V-Grooved sheets that closely resemble our planks, ideal for panelling applications.


Transform your farmhouse or cottage interior with our MDF V-Groove or Beaded Planks.

A superior alternative to traditional drywall. Ideal for walls, staircase sides, and ceilings, these planks offer a seamless canvas with no cracks or knots that might bleed through the paint. Choose between standard planks or the Shiplap version, commonly employed for wainscoting and featured in our Beadboard/Wainscoting Kits.

PVC_beadboard.jpg Our MDF V-Groove Planks stand out with a deep "V" groove, a feature typically reserved for thicker tongue and groove planks. We enhanced the depth of the "V" groove and refined the thickness of the "tongue." Despite the delicate profile, our extensive shipping experience ensures secure delivery nationwide.

When it comes to exposed joints, you have several options—bevel the ends, stagger the planks akin to hardwood flooring, or incorporate Ceiling Beams for a distinctive architectural touch. This conceals seams and introduces a design element to elevate your interior. Choose the elegance and durability of MDF V-Groove Planks for a flawless farmhouse or cottage aesthetic. Tips on installing Interior T&G Mouldings.

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