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A Diverse Selection of Exterior PVC and Interior MDF Planks with lots of Options


Exterior Applications - in Cellular PVC, Both Milled and Extruded

Discover a resilient Soffit Ceiling solution that elevates your final project effortlessly. If you're familiar with woodworking basics such as cutting, routing, or nailing wood, you'll find working with PVC Tongue & Groove Planks just as straightforward using standard carpentry tools.   Our Exterior Cellular PVC Planks incorporate UV inhibitors to resist oxidation. For comparison, vinyl lawn chairs lacking these inhibitors often develop oxidation, an indelible, hazy grey surface.  Learn more about your options.

Our Beadboard and T&G planks boast an extended tongue design, enabling hidden fastening through "Blind Nailing." This not only eliminates the need for labour-intensive nail hole filling but also expedites the installation process, providing a polished, pinhole-free finish. Additionally, we offer Beaded and V-Grooved sheets that closely resemble our planks, ideal for panelling applications.


Transform your farmhouse or cottage interior with our MDF V-Groove or Beaded Planks.

A superior alternative to traditional drywall. Ideal for walls, staircase sides, and ceilings, these planks offer a seamless canvas with no cracks or knots that might bleed through the paint. Choose between standard planks or the Shiplap version, commonly employed for wainscoting and featured in our Beadboard/Wainscoting Kits.

PVC_beadboard.jpg Our MDF V-Groove Planks stand out with a deep "V" groove, a feature typically reserved for thicker tongue and groove planks. We enhanced the depth of the "V" groove and refined the thickness of the "tongue." Despite the delicate profile, our extensive shipping experience ensures secure delivery nationwide.

When it comes to exposed joints, you have several options—bevel the ends, stagger the planks akin to hardwood flooring, or incorporate Ceiling Beams for a distinctive architectural touch. This conceals seams and introduces a design element to elevate your interior. Choose the elegance and durability of MDF V-Groove Planks for a flawless farmhouse or cottage aesthetic. Tips on installing Interior T&G Mouldings.

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  • 6" Modern Farmhouse Plank - Nickel Gap - MDF

    Introducing our Modern Farmhouse Tongue & Groove Nickel Gap Plank, featuring a deep Square Groove. This plank is made from Primed MDF and stands tall at 5 5/16" and is ½" thick. Its versatility knows no bounds, whether you're applying it to walls or ceilings, allowing you to achieve your desired look and feel.

    Compared to our previous ⅝" thick Tongue & Groove, this ½" thick plank maintains the same edge hardness. Crafted from a premium MDF board with higher hardwood content, it boasts stronger edges that withstand transportation. We go the extra mile by double priming and buffing both the surface and edges, further reinforcing their durability.

    Despite its slim profile, this plank offers the practicality of a thin shiplap while ensuring precise alignment like a Tongue & Groove. Experience the straight and level horizontal/vertical joint you desire on any wall or ceiling.

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    • US$10.05
  • 6" T&G, V-Groove in MDF

    6" Tounge and Groove (often referred to as Shiplap), V-Groove in MDF Board or Plank, about ⅝" x  6", either 8 or 16 feet long.   Ideal for a modern Accent Feature Wall.

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    • US$10.26
  • 8" Modern Farmhouse Plank - Nickel Gap - MDF

    8" Modern Farmhouse, Tongue & Groove, Nickel Gap, Plank, with a deep Square Groove in Primed MDF 7 5/16" tall, ½" thick. The options are limitless.  Whether you are applying to walls or ceilings, you can create the look and feel you want.

    Compared to the ⅝" thick Tongue & Groove we use to offer, this ½” thick Tongue & Groove plank offers the same edge hardness.  This plank is made from a premium primed, MDF board with higher levels of hardwood to ensure stronger edges that stay in tack during transport.  In addition, we prime and buff both the surface and the edges twice to further harden the edges.

    Being only ½ thick, it offers the utility of a thin shiplap plank, but with the alignment accuracy of a Tongue & Groove plank that ensures a straight and level horizontal/vertical joint on the wall or ceiling.

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    • US$12.64
  • MDF, Large Nickel Gap Plank - Shiplap

    Nickel Gap Shiplap Plank, in raw MDF, 3/8" thick.  What is shaping up to be the hottest design trend in modern mouldings for 2020, the Modern Farmhouse look.

    Available 6" or 8" high and in 8 foot or 12 foot lengths.

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    • US$12.83
  • Single Beaded PVC, T&G, Blind Nail - Milled Plank

    Single Beaded PVC, T&G, Blind Nail - Milled Plank. This PVC profile is 1/2" thick and about 3 ⅛" wide, of which 2 ½" is showing. This single beaded profile is idea for curved surfaces like around hot tubs and barreled ceilings.

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    • US$14.06
  • Vertical Shiplap - Sample
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    Vertical Shiplap - Sample

    Beadboard and Vertical Shiplap Wainscoting Sample Pack.  The package includes all the trims and one panel.  The panel supplied is V-Grooved on one side and Beaded on the other.  When ordering your wainscoting, you must choose one side or the other as only one side will be milled. 

    If you are looking for an additional item, contact us and we can send other related samples like Beaded, V-Grooved, or Nickel Gap Sheets, Panels, or Planks. 

    Limit of one sample per customer.

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    • US$15.45
  • Beaded Vinyl Plank

    Introducing our Waterproof Beaded Vinyl Plank – a versatile and stylish solution for your interior design needs. Crafted with precision, each plank measures a generous 8 feet in length, approximately ¼" thick, and boasts a width of 7 ½". What sets this flooring apart is its innovative reversible design, allowing you the flexibility to showcase the elegant beading at either 2" or 3 ½" wide on center.

    Designed with your convenience in mind, these waterproof vinyl planks not only elevate the aesthetic of your space but also stand up to the challenges of moisture, making them perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-traffic areas. Say goodbye to worries about spills and splashes; our beaded vinyl planks are your durable and resilient flooring solution.

    But the benefits don't stop there. We understand the importance of customization in your projects, which is why this profile is ideal for creating stiles in wainscoting and beadboard kits. Transform your interiors effortlessly and achieve a look that reflects your unique style and vision.

    Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional designer, our Waterproof Beaded Vinyl Plank opens up a world of possibilities for your creative endeavours. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics in one remarkable flooring solution. Upgrade your space with confidence and let our beaded vinyl planks redefine the way you envision and enjoy your surroundings.

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    • US$16.06
  • Beaded PVC, T&G, Blind Nail - Milled Plank

    Two Beaded PVC, T&G, Blind Nail - Milled Plank. This PVC profile is 1/2" thick and about 5 ½" wide, of which 5" is exposed. 

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    • US$19.06
  • PVC T Mould

     "T" Mould, milled from Cellular PVC. This PVC profile is 2 ½" wide and 5/8" thick with a 1/2" backset.  

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    • US$19.82
  • PVC T&G Blind Nail Plank - Extruded

    Extruded, Reversible, PVC Beaded or V-Groove Plank in various lengths.  It's a blind nail plank that is reversible that can be installed with either the beaded or the V-groove side showing.  Our most popular PVC plank.

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    • US$19.93
  • PVC Square Channel Siding - T&G

    Square Channel, (Nickel Gap) Tongue-and-Grooved PVC Siding. This PVC profile is 1/2" thick at various.  Cellular PVC Siding ready except paint, is waterproof, rot and insect resistant.  These qualities have made this siding increasingly more popular for exterior accent walls, garages, laundry rooms.

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    • US$20.48
  • 10" Nickel Gap Raw MDF Plank - Tongue & Groove

    10" Muskoka Style, Nickel Gap, Tongue & Groove Plank, with a Deep Square Groove in RAW MDF ⅝" thick.  A clean look that works well for walls, sides of staircases or ceilings.  What is shaping up to be the hottest design trend in modern mouldings for 2023, is the Modern Farmhouse look.

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    • US$20.59
  • PVC V-Groove, Blind Nail - Milled Plank

    Our PVC V-Groove, Tongue & Groove, Blind Nail, Milled Planks are built to last a lifetime and are perfect for outdoor ceilings.  The true size is ½" by 5 ½", and the space between the grooves is 4 11/16".  The extended lip allows for the blind nail feature where no nails or staples are exposed. The eight-foot lengths are made with end-matched ends, which saves on material waste and installation time. Note that only our eight-foot lengths come with the end-match feature.

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    • US$20.98
  • PVC Square Channel Siding - Shiplap

    Square Channel, Shiplap PVC Siding, in various widths.  Cellular PVC Siding ready except paint, is waterproof, rot and insect resistant.  These qualities have made this type of siding increasingly more popular for exterior accent walls, garages, laundry rooms.  As Ship Lap planks or boards are thinner then tongue and groove planks, they are better suited for walls that allready have a backing, like drywall or wall board.

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    • US$23.61
  • Beaded Hardwood Plank

    Beaded, Hardwood Shiplap Plank, another Elite Trimworks exclusive, Raw, Veneered, Stain Grade, Beaded, Ship Lap Planks. The planks solve various problems for both us, and our customers.  Compared to 4 x 8 sheets, they are easier to package for damage free, low cost delivery by UPS.

    They are made in many wood species using either a ⅜" or ½" MDF veneered core.  Each Plank has 4 Beads, each being 2" on center. 

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    • US$32.03