PVC and Polyurethane Headers & Friezes 


Elite Trimworks offers both PVC and polyurethane Headers, Cornice Mouldings and Frieze Board combinations. The dental strips can be added to the frieze boards for those who desire this detail. This millwork can be custom-cut for door and window crossheads. Keystones can be added as well. These Profiles are a fantastic compliment to any exterior project and, like all our products, require minimal maintenance and are impervious to moisture.

If you know how to cut or nail wood moulding, you'll know how to cut, nail, and finish exterior polyurethane mouldings using standard carpentry tools.

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price    
PVC-BEAD-8 PVC Bead Trim
  • US$17.14
SM-DL-STR-8 Small PVC Dentil Strip
  • US$42.85
M-DL-STR-8 Medium PVC Dentil Strip
  • US$48.20
SFB-PVC-8 Stepped Frieze Board
  • US$54.94
LG-DL-STR-8 Large PVC Dentil Strip
  • US$59.99
6-PVC-RCH 6" PVC Rams Crown Header
  • US$70.70
F204 4 1/2" Polyurethane Dentil Fascia Exterior Moulding 12ft
  • US$78.65
PVC-WT-4-2 Arched PVC Window Trim
  • US$79.27
PVC-RCH-8 8" Rams Crown Header
  • US$83.31
PVC-203 7 " PVC Dentil Fascia Exterior Moulding
  • US$92.19
F205 5 1/2" Polyurethane Dentil Fascia Exterior Moulding 10ft
  • US$92.80
F206 5 1/2" Polyurethane Classic Dentil Fascia Exterior Moulding 10ft
  • US$95.30
F170 F170 Exterior Cornice
  • US$97.58
PVC-H-F-8 PVC Header, Flat Top
  • US$102.84
PVC-H-S-8 PVC Header, Sloped
  • US$104.98