PVC Corner Trims

PVC One Piece Corners

Elite Trimworks one-piece corner boards are made by folding a single piece of PVC.  They reduce labour when it comes to patching, re-touching and filling to complement siding products. Unlike the two-piece offerings from our competitors, the result is a stronger corner that gives you a sharp 90-degree angle without an exposed seam that picks up dirt.

We use either Certainteed, Versatex, or Royal free-rise cellular PVC; the Stealth Trim System is designed with contractors in mind. Our system includes corner boards, trim boards, skirt boards, and window surrounds that consistently allow for faster and more aesthetically pleasing installations. Our one-piece corners come from ⅝ to 1” thick, with or without pockets, and in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate any siding product, including fiber cement, cedar, and vinyl.  We also offer corners 8”, 10” and custom widths for stately residential or commercial projects.

Stealth Installation Guidelines


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